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Durable Prosthetics for Longer-Lasting Smiles

Dentures in Rockville are a timeless option for tooth replacement. Giving patients the ability to enjoy a full, complete smile that is functional makes them a safe, reliable, and time-tested solution. At Rockville Family Dentistry, our team of professionals is here to deliver high-quality prosthetics that not only look natural but feel comfortable and remain durable. If you would like to be considered for dentures, call our office today to schedule an appointment.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

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Patients who are missing an entire arch of teeth are often considered good candidates for full dentures. Those with only a few missing teeth along the upper or lower arches can find help with a partial denture. Individuals who prefer a more permanent solution, however, can remain confident in the promise of implant dentures.

Each is different in its abilities and function, but all offer the same great result – a full, complete smile that patients love and appreciate for years or even decades to come.

When considering dentures, it’s important that patients seek a consultation with a member of our team so that we can make sure there are no signs of tooth decay or gum disease that need to be addressed.

Types of Dentures

Full dentures in Rockville

There are currently three types of dentures our team will discuss with patients when they arrive for an appointment – full and partial dentures as well as implant dentures.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture relies on healthy abutment teeth to remain in place. Crafted with a gum-colored, acrylic base, artificial teeth are placed in appropriate areas to help fill in the gaps in a person’s smile. Complete with metal clasps, these attach to healthy teeth for a secure foundation.

Full Dentures

Similar to partial dentures, full dentures are crafted much in the same way except there are no metal clasps. Instead, when fabricated and prepared for placement, patients can expect to rely on their natural suction to help hold their new teeth in their proper place. Also, denture adhesives can be used for added security.

Implant Dentures

The more expensive option is implant dentures, but their benefits are many. Made from a titanium post that mimics the natural tooth root, a dental implant looks similar to a screw. When receiving implant dentures, it is typical for a dentist in Rockville to place between four and six posts along an arch before securing a newly fabricated denture on top. With proper care and maintenance, these prosthetics can last 30+ years or even a lifetime.

How Dentures Are Made

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Dentures are custom-made to fit your facial aesthetics perfectly. For that reason alone, it’s no surprise they’re still one of the most popular methods of tooth replacement! Although you may have a general idea of what to expect, what does the process actually look like? Understanding how they’re made and which materials are used will help you appreciate your smile much more. If you’d like to learn what it takes to get to the final results, continue reading!

What Are Dentures Made Of?

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There are two main components that make up dentures: the base and the prosthetic teeth. Let’s take a closer look at what comprises each one:

  • Denture Base: This foundational structure supports artificial teeth. It can be made of several different materials, including acrylic, nylon, or resin. Full dentures are often made with acrylic while partials use metal clips with an acrylic base.
  • Artificial Teeth: Your artificial teeth are attached to the denture base. They’re often made from resin or porcelain because they both have a natural appearance. However, porcelain is a more popular option because it looks and feels just like natural teeth.

The Denture Creation Process

technician making dentures

Since each denture is custom-made for the patient’s mouth, it requires a multi-step process. The first thing Dr. Modarres will do is take impressions of your upper and lower gums using a thick paste. This will be used to create a plaster model that is an exact replica of your mouth. With this model, he will ensure the final denture fits your smile perfectly.

After getting the model, it will be sent to a dental laboratory where your dentures will be made. There, they’ll create a wax replica of your gumline and place the artificial teeth into it with a mechanical device known as an articulator.

Once adjustments are made, the wax dentures will be sent back to the office for a fitting. If they’re good to go, they will be sent back to the lab for the final step of the process. It’s completed by placing the dentures in a flash, adding plaster to hold their shape, then placing the flash in hot water to melt away the wax portions. Holes are made in the teeth and acrylic is injected into the flask to replace the wax.

Then, the plaster is carefully removed from the denture using special tools. The dentures are placed in an ultrasonic bath to remove any remaining plaster and excess acrylic will be cut from the denture. Lastly, the restoration will be polished to perfection.

When your dentures are ready, you’ll return to the office for a fitting. If needed, adjustments will be made by Dr. Modarres to ensure everything is working properly and smoothly.

Adjusting to Your New Dentures

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After getting dentures for the first time, you may experience a bit of discomfort. Luckily, this is temporary and should go away with time. Once your mouth adjusts to your new smile, it’ll feel very similar to natural teeth! While you adjust, it’s a good idea to stick to softer foods and exercise facial muscles. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if your discomfort is persistent.

Benefits of Dentures

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When preparing for tooth replacement, patients may wonder about tooth replacement. There are many unique benefits to moving forward with denture treatment, such as:

  • Improved jawbone stimulation with implant dentures
  • Minimal, if any, facial sagging
  • Greater oral and overall health
  • Radiant appearances and boosted confidence
  • A greater bite force and chewing power