It’s normal for people to need at least one dental filling at some point in their lives. In fact, dental fillings are one of the most common procedures dentists perform. However, just because getting them is normal doesn’t mean they aren’t important. It’s also beneficial to understand what fillings are and their significance to your oral health.

A woman needs dental fillingsWhat Are Dental Fillings?

People need dental fillings when they develop cavities. To treat cavities, dentists must remove the decayed portion of the tooth. Then, he/she fills in the empty area to prevent further damage. In cases where the decay damages the tooth too much, the dentist covers the remaining structure with a crown.

What Are Tooth Fillings Made of?

No filling material is best for everyone, so dentists use different materials. Choosing the right material depends on the price people want to pay. The most common types of fillings include:

• Gold
• Amalgam
• Composite
• Porcelain

Gold fillings are a popular choice for many people. In fact, they’re among the best dentists use. Gums tolerate gold inlays well, and these can last for 20 years or longer.

Of course, not everyone can afford gold fillings. Thus, amalgam or silver are good alternatives. They’re very resilient and quite inexpensive. However, some people don’t like silver fillings because of their visibility.

If you want fillings that match the color of your teeth, composite or plastic fillings are ideal. They’re also inexpensive. However, they’re soft and prone to chipping and staining. Composite fillings aren’t a good idea for people who need large fillings either.

People who want the quality of gold fillings but a color that matches their teeth can choose porcelain. This material resists stains, matches the color of teeth, and is strong. In general, porcelain fillings cover most of the tooth, but the price is close to that of gold fillings.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Dentists can use other materials for fillings as well. One popular choice for kids is glass ionomer. These are great for cavities below the gumline. Typically, they contain glass and acrylic.

Glass ionomer has a couple of great benefits. First, they release fluoride, which protects the teeth from further decay. Also, they’re inexpensive with a price comparable to composite fillings.

However, glass ionomer fillings also have a few drawbacks. The material is fairly soft and easy to break. In addition, they only last about five years before the dentist has to replace them. That’s why people typically only give glass ionomer fillings to kids who still have baby teeth.

Proper Dental Fillings at Rockville Family Dentistry

Just because tooth fillings are a common dental procedure doesn’t mean that all dentists do them correctly. At Rockville Family Dentistry, we’ve provided fillings for adults and kids for years. We take great pride in the work that we do. Of course, we offer more than just fillings too. Our additional dental services include:

Restorative dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry
• Crowns and bridges
• Braces
• Smile whitening

In addition, we offer convenient hours at Rockville Family Dentistry. We strive to provide dental services when your family needs them most. Our staff provides excellent customer service for people of all ages, including children. We do our best to make even the most nervous patients feel calm and comfortable.

Don’t let fear of the dentist keep you from neglecting oral hygiene. Find out how a gentle hand can make all the difference. Call Rockville Family Dentistry today at 240-447-3460 to schedule an appointment.