The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research reports that approximately 92 percent of adults ages 20 to 64 have at least one cavity. In recent years, the prevalence of sugary foods and unsafe dental practices are accumulating. Thankfully, cavity fillings provide relief. If you live in Maryland, learn more about the best cavity filling that Rockville, MD provides.

Amalgam and Composite Fillings

For many years, Amalgam combinations fill cavities. Dentists make them by mixing different metals. Typically, the composition contains mercury with tin, copper, zinc, or silver. Overall, Amalgam fillings are the strongest and last the longest.

Commonly, Amalgam fillings are silver. However, as they age they get darker. Unfortunately, when you open your mouth, they’re easy to see. The mercury present in these fillings concerns many people. However, the FDA guarantees this filling is perfectly safe for anyone over the age of six.

A woman receives a cavity filling Rockville MD offersAdditionally, composite fillings contain glass and resin, offering notable advantages. Often, dentists shade these fillings to match your teeth. Composite fillings are becoming increasingly popular because they look like regular, healthy teeth.

However, composite fillings may be less durable than their Amalgam counterparts. This affects their total lifestyle, meaning they might not last as long as others. Composite fillings are perfect for small, minor cavities. Generally, they’re for teeth that aren’t taking the bulk of chewing pressure.

Gold And Porcelain Fillings

Gold is the only type of filling that last longer than Amalgam. Therefore, gold fillings are incredibly durable. For example, they can last up to two decades. However, because of this, they’re often the most expensive. They’ll also require more time sitting in the dentist chair.

Additionally, porcelain fillings may require more than one visit to your dentist’s office. They’re much more fragile than many other filling types. However, what they lack in durability they make up for in appearance. Porcelain looks the closest to your actual teeth and many people regard them as a stylish option.

Resin Or Glass Fillings

Resin or glass fillings are primarily for children. By replacing primary teeth with larger, permanent teeth, children retain their first set of teeth for many years. When they experience cavities early, further dental complications are likely to occur later in life. When this happens, glass or resin fillings are the best options.

Cavity Filling Rockville, MD Provides

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