A young boy reaps the benefits of orthodonticsWhen you’re looking to get dental work done, it’s important to understand what orthodontics is. Overall, it’s a specific branch in which the dentist treats patients with tooth positioning problems. These procedures help with many different oral complications. Some of the most common reasons people seek out orthodontics include:

  • Closing gaps in teeth
  • Improving speech and eating
  • Repairing improper bite lines

Orthodontics for Closing Gaps in Teeth

One way to close gaps is by getting braces. First, however, you’ll need a panoramic x-ray of your mouth. This gives your dentist an accurate view of your teeth as they begin fitting your mouth for braces. The procedure is simple and you can breath easy knowing that over time, those gaps in your teeth will close.

Another option is getting veneers. These are completely different from crowns. Veneers go over the outer area of the tooth, which helps close gaps as well. Once your dentist does the x-ray and accurately sizes your teeth, they will create the veneers. From here, it’s a simple process of using a special cement to apply them to your teeth and, thus, close gaps.

Improving Speech and Eating with Orthodontics

Some of the most common speech issues people have which orthodontics improves include lisps or whistling, word slurring, and mispronunciation. A lisp is evident when the upper teeth are overlapping the lower teeth, but it can also be from gaps in the teeth. Often times, people slur their speech because they don’t have enough freedom to move their tongue thanks to jaw misplacement. Lastly, mispronouncing words occurs when teeth don’t grow in properly.

Similar dental work like braces and veneers can help with these speech issues and improve chewing. For example, jaw misalignment causes difficulties eating and, fortunately, braces help straighten teeth and realign the jaw. By closing gaps and correcting alignment, you’ll get rid of your lisp and brighten your smile. All of these are extremely beneficial procedures if you’d like to improve your speech.

Rockville Family Dentistry Can Help You Smile Brightly

Having an improper bite can cause a variety of issues aside from difficulty chewing and speaking. You deserve that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. With dental work meant to stabilize your bite, your smile will look better than ever.

If you’re looking for orthodontic work in the Rockville, Maryland, area, Rockville Family Dentistry provides a wide range of additional services including:

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