Did you know that many people believe general and family dentistry are the same thing? In fact, a family dentist performs all types of dentistry and may do so for patients in all age groups. Some professionals specialize in different oral health fields while others prefer to work with certain age groups. Which provider is right for you?

A Closer Look at Family Dentistry

parents and two kids smiling - family dentistryRegular dental checkups are important aspects of overall oral health. For this reason, dentists work hard to encourage patients to participate in their care. Some professionals do so by specializing in treating certain age groups and reaching out to them. Others opt to practice family dentistry, which allows them to invite patients of all ages to their general dentistry practices.

Because preventative care is such a big deal, you may have noticed that some family dentists offer incentives. Typically, they cater them towards children to encourage good oral health habits early in life. They might offer Halloween candy buy-back programs that separate kids from the cavity-causing sweets in return for cash or coupons. Experts suggest visiting the dentist every six months for regular checkups.

Why Visiting a Family Dentist Makes Sense

Professionals offering preventative oral health care provide a broad range of services. Examples include:

  • X-rays.
  • Teeth cleanings.
  • Thorough exams that are early indicators of tooth decay or gum infections.
  • Fluoride treatments that strengthen teeth.
  • Recommendations for expanded dental care based on the exam’s findings.

Since family dentists see individuals of all ages, busy families appreciate the opportunity to make one appointment. The alternative involves having a pediatric dentist at one location and a general dentist for the adults elsewhere. Another advantage is the possible continuation of care. As children become adolescents and age out of pediatric dentists’ care, they may be uncomfortable seeing a new dentist and fall out of oral health care regimens.

Which Types of Services Should You Expect from a Good Family Dentist’s Office?

There is more to practicing family dentistry than focusing only on keeping teeth healthy twice a year. Sometimes, patients need advanced care. A professional may make this determination based on a regular twice-a-year checkup. At other times, a patient comes in requesting a particular service after a consultation.

One of the most common services that clients request is teeth whitening. Rather than leaving results to chance with over-the-counter products, it makes sense to trust a professional. However, if a tooth has a permanent discoloration, installing a veneer makes more sense. It restores the bright smile and boosts the patient’s confidence.

Other services go beyond cosmetics. They significantly enhance the patient’s overall oral health. Examples include:

  • Root canals to treat infected pulp.
  • Orthodontics treatments to assist not only adolescents but also adults with an inadequate bite.
  • Tooth-colored fillings that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, too.
  • Tooth restorations with bridges, implants, or dentures.
  • Mouth guards for athletes or TMJ sufferers.

Restorations, in particular, not only make a patient’s mouth look and feel better, but they can also restore self-esteem. Because facial muscles weaken and droop as teeth go missing, features sometimes begin to look drawn. When restoring the missing teeth, the muscles return to normal, which frequently makes patients look considerably younger.

Making an Appointment for a Checkup Today

A healthy mouth is quite frequently an excellent way of ensuring an overall healthy body. The friendly care team at Rockville Family Dentistry works with patients of all ages to achieve the best possible outcomes. Call us today to schedule a consultation appointment. Simply call 301-816-9400 now!