Initial Oral Examination

The first time you visit us, we’ll complete a thorough initial oral exam, as a good general dentistry practice. This includes a visual exam, charting, periodontal probing, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We’ll also take X-rays, including a panoramic X-ray to learn more about both your front and back teeth, as well as a bite-wing X-ray.

Periodontal Treatment

Put simply, periodontal treatment is your typical cleaning. We recommend that you visit us to get your teeth cleaned at least twice per year to avoid gum disease caused by bacteria and plaque. If you don’t maintain a healthy brushing, flossing, and dental hygiene routine, your gums can quickly become inflamed, destroying bone and supporting tissues around the teeth. This can lead to the need for other general dentistry treatments.

Make sure you schedule regular cleanings to avoid the necessity for periodontal scaling or root planing and scaling.

gingivitis - general dentistry


periodontitis - general dentistry


advanced periodontitis - general dentistry

Advanced Periodontitis

We use these products for this type of treatment:

Mouth Guards

TMJ can be extremely painful. Bite guards will help you sleep better at night and avoid the pain that comes with grinding your teeth in your sleep. At Rockville Family Dentistry, we create custom mouth guards in both hard and soft materials.


Orthodontics solve more than just crooked teeth. Whether you have an improper bite (overbite or underbite), a jaw that’s out of place, or teeth that need straightening, orthodontics can help.

uneven teeth - general dentistry

Orthodontics can help individuals with crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw.

braces - general dentistry

You may recognize these as braces or brackets that are bonded to your teeth with a wire for correctional purposes.

retainer - general dentistry

Once your teeth are properly positioned, you’ll likely need a retainer to keep them in place.

straightened teeth - general dentistry

When you finish your treatment, you’ll have a straight, beautiful smile!

We use these products for this type of treatment: