A woman receives dental health servicesIf you’re looking for custom dental procedures, it’s important to go to a dentist who specializes in a variety of services. Overall, experience is key to quality dental health services. Whether you’re looking for family dentistry or general dentistry, a good dentist can help. Each procedure takes specialized skills, and you’ll feel more comfortable knowing your dentist has years of experience.

General Dental Health Services

When you first visit a dentist, it’s important to undergo a full oral exam. This helps dentists determine the overall state of your teeth. The exam includes a visual component as well as x-rays to ensure your bone density stays healthy. These x-rays include a panoramic view of your oral bone structure so your dentist gets a good look at areas beneath the gums. Some of the general dental services you can expect after these x-rays include:

  • Periodontal Treatment
  • Mouth Guards
  • Orthodontics

Periodontal treatment is standard when cleaning the teeth. Your dentist should provide this at least twice a year. Dentists understand the importance of periodontal disease treatment which prevents harmful bacteria and plaque build-up from wreaking havoc under the gums.

Additionally, mouth guards keep you from grinding your teeth, which contributes to many different oral complications.

Further, general orthodontics services include giving someone braces, fixing crooked jaws or misaligned teeth, or fitting a patient for a retainer.

Cosmetic Dental Health Services

Everyone wants a bright smile and cosmetic dentistry helps you get those beautiful teeth you’ve always wanted. For example, one of the most common cosmetic dental health services is the standard teeth whitening procedure. This involves filling a transparent tray with a whitening gel that you wear for a short period of time. After you remove the tray following your first whitening session, you’ll see immediate results. If you aren’t happy with your teeth, veneers can brighten your smile as well.

Additionally, veneers are much different than crowns because they don’t cover your entire tooth. When you come in for veneers, your dentist creates a ceramic cast which molds perfectly to your tooth. Once your dentist creates your veneers, they use special cement to keep them secure.

Family Dental Services

A quality dentist provides dental work for you and your family. Family dentistry provides dental services to people of all ages, so your children can get necessary cleanings as well. Therefore, it’s important children work with a kind, friendly dentist who can also educate them about proper dental hygiene. A good dentist accomplishes this by making your child part of the exam process and showing them what they can do to prevent common oral problems.

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